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Geotechnical Calculation
About Wutec


We are dedicated to the development and application of geotechnical software products. We feature on geotechnical earthquake engineering and soil dynamics including 2D static and dynamic finite element analysis of soil-structure interaction; time-history analysis of soil liquefaction and ground displacements induced by earthquakes; numerical analysis of earth dams and retaining walls; 3D dynamic analysis of pile foundations and large diameter drilled shafts; dynamic analysis of loose sands to blast loads; computing pore water pressure dissipation, soil consolidation and ground settlements, and more.

  •     VERSAT-2D v.2020.02 (PSPA)(new)

  •     VERSAT-P3D Version 2006.

  •     Geotechnical Calculations Version 2012.

       > Consolidation settlement
       > Consolidation analysis
       > Soil pressure coefficients
       > Retaining wall design calculations

We are also conducting specialist research and development in geotechnical earthquake engineering:

  • 1D and 2D seismic site response analysis, using equivalent linear or non-linear stress and strain model

  • Dynamic finite element non-linear liquefaction analysis using SAND model and SILT model, and hyperbolic stress-strain model for CLAY

  • Dynamic finite element analysis of permanent ground deformations of soils (slopes, embankment, dams) with and without soil liquefaction

  • Dynamic finite element soil-structure interaction analysis, including pile foundations.

  • seismic hazard assessment, earthquake ground motions, and

  • blast induced soil liquefaction.

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