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Although the licensed software has been tested extensively by the publisher and experience would indicate it is accurate within the limits given by the assumptions of the theory and data used, the publisher (Wutec Geotechnical International) and the author (Guoxi Wu) assume no liability whatsoever with respect to any use of VERSAT-P3D or with respect to any damages or losses that may result from such use. Any use of the programs to solve problems is the sole responsibility of the user as to whether the output is correct or correctly interpreted or the problem correctly modeled.


VERSAT-P3D is a finite element computer program for quasi-3D nonlinear dynamic analyses of single piles and pile groups in frequency and time domain (Wu and Finn, 1997, Canadian Geotechnical Journal 34: 34-52). The frequency-domain analysis is used to determine dynamic stiffness and damping as a function of vibration frequency, and to compute moment and shear response of piles subjected to loading at the pile top or at the cap of a pile group. Dynamic time-domain analysis is used to directly compute pile response to seismic loading and therefore allow direct determination of the time-dependent stiffness variation of single piles or pile groups. The time-domain analysis accounts for both the kinematic soil-pile interaction and the inertial interaction between foundation and structure under earthquake. All loading applications can be carried out in a nonlinear analysis that uses strain-dependent soil moduli and damping, yielding at failure and a no-tension cut-off. The response of a pile group is computed directly without having to use pile-soil-pile interaction factors. In addition to the quasi-3D theory background as described in Wu and Finn (1997a , 1997b), a special 4-beam pile element has been used in VERSAT-P3D. Instead of representing the pile by a line-beam element, which does not take a physical space in a 3D model, each pile segment is represented by four beams arranged at the four corners of a pile cross-section. For simplicity, a pile cross-section, either square or circular, is modeled as a square. The four beams are rigidly tied to each other so as to produce identical response, or to act as a single pile element. The 4-beam pile element is introduced to take into account the effect of the physical space of a pile section on the response of a single pile or a pile group.

Main Feature of VERSAT-P3D

  • 3D dynamic finite element analyses of single piles and pile groups
  • Vertical or batter piles
  • Linear analysis to compute stiffness and damping in frequency domain
  • Energy transmitting boundaries for radiation damping
  • Nonlinear analysis in time domain for earthquake loading
  • Earthquake time-dependent stiffness variation of single piles or pile groups
  • Nonlinear analysis of piles subjected to pile head loading
  • Strain-dependent soil moduli and damping, yielding at failure and a no-tension cut-off
  • Kinematic soil-pile interaction, and
  • Inertial interaction between foundation and structure under earthquake
  • Direct response calculation of a pile group
  • Pile-soil-pile interaction factor or multiply factor not required
  • Use of a 4-beam pile element to account for the effect of the physical space of a pile section
  • Latest update in 2012

VERSAT-P3D Documentation

VERSAT-P3D Academic & Commercial Information

Version 2012 (new) Free for educational use (email us to obtain password & VERSAT-P3D.EXE program * )  

VERSAT-P3D 2012 For Single Piles

  • Free for use in research and education;
  • The commercial license for Single Piles is the same as for Pile Groups;
  • To request an academic or commercial version of VERSAT-P3D Single, send e-mail (*) to

VERSAT-P3D 2012 For Pile Groups (2019.10 update)

  • Free for educational use (class room teaching, training for beginers) with unlimited users any time.
  • Price for a single-site research use license: US$900 for 1 year; US$1650 for 2 years; US$3750 for 5 years;
  • Price for a single-site commercial use license: US$1500 for 1 year; US$2700 for 2 years; US$6000 for 5 years;
  • To request an academic or commercial version of VERSAT-P3D Group, send e-mail (*) to

(*) To be qualified, send your request from an organization email address, indicating the organization name and address, your position and the intended use of the program.















VERSAT-P3D Demo Problem  

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