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VERSAT-2D Demo Problem  

  1. Presentation [57 pages]on Wutec and Its Technology

  2. Dynamic Analysis of USF Dam under the 1971 San Fernando Earthquake 

  3. Seismic deformations from 1/10,000 earthquake with a PGA of 0.7g

  4. Simulation of progresive failure

  5. VERSAT-2D models in effective stress analysis




























VERSAT-2D (S2D & D2D & Processor)

Release 1998 - 2013, 2016, 2018(PSPA), 2019 ©1998-2020 Dr. Guoxi Wu
© 1998-2020 Wutec Geotechnical International (WGI), B.C., Canada Website:


Although this software (VERSAT-S2D and VERSAT-D2D) has been tested extensively by the publisher and experience of using it would indicate it is accurate within the limits given by the assumptions of the theory and data used, the publisher (Wutec Geotechnical International) and the author (G. Wu) assume no liability whatsoever with respect to any use of this software or with respect to any damages or losses that may result from such use. Any use of this software to solve problems is the sole responsibility of the user as to whether the output is correct or correctly interpreted or the problem correctly modelled.


VERSAT-2D is a software package consisting of three computer programs, namely, VERSAT-2D Processor, VERSAT-S2D and VERSAT-D2D. These three components of VERSAT-2D function independently. Interactions among them take place through data files saved in a Windows Explorer file folder.

VERSAT-2D Processor is a Windows based graphic interface program. It serves as a pre and post processor for VERSAT-S2D and VERSAT-D2D. The program is used to generate a finite element mesh, define soil zones, assign material properties, define boundary conditions, assign pressure loads, and generate input data for VERSAT-S2D & VERSAT-D2D. The program can also display and plot results from analyses such as stresses, displacements, accelerations, pore-water pressures, and a deformed mesh.

VERSAT-S2D is a computer program for static 2D plane-strain finite element analyses of stresses, deformations, and soil-structure interactions. The static analyses can be conducted using stress-strain constitutive relationships from linear elastic model to elasto-plastic models, i.e., Mohr-Coulomb model and Von-Mises model. This program can also be used to compute or determine static pre-existing stresses for use in a subsequent dynamic finite element analysis. Main features of VERSAT-S2D are:

Linear elastic model; Von-Mises model;Mohr-Coulomb model; Stress level dependent stiffness parameters; External load applications; Staged construction by adding layers; Staged excavation by removing layers; Pore water pressure application; Calculation of stresses and deformations caused by strain-softening of soils; Simulation of sheet pile wall and anchors; Updated Lagrangian analysis; Factors of safety calculation; Gravity on and off ; Calculation of pre-existing stresses for use in a dynamic analysis using VERSAT-D2D; 4-node, 6-node and 8-node solid elements to represent soils; 2-node line elements to represent sheet pile walls (beam) or anchors (bar/truss); Use of any consistent units and sign conventions

VERSAT-D2D is a computer program for dynamic 2D plane-strain finite element analyses of earth structures subjected to dynamic loads from earthquakes, machine vibration, waves or ice actions. The dynamic analyses can be conducted using linear, or nonlinear, or nonlinear effective stress method of analysis. The program can be used to study soil liquefaction, earthquake induced deformation and dynamic soil-structure interaction such as pile-supported bridges. Main features of VERSAT-D2D are:

Application of horizontal (or horizontal and vertical) ground accelerations at the base, or horizontal outcropping ground velocities at a viscous/elastic base(Adv.Dyn); Application of a load-time-history at any nodal points; Global force equilibrium enforced at all time; Linear elastic model; Non-linear hyperbolic stress-strain model for sand; Non-linear hyperbolic stress-strain model for clay; Stress level dependent stiffness parameters; Effective stress model including dynamic pore water pressure; Three models for computing dynamic pore water pressure; Mohr-Coulomb failure criterion; Modified stiffness parameters by dynamic pore water pressure; Calculation of ground deformations caused by soil liquefaction; Calculation of factor of safety against liquefaction; Liquefaction SAND model and Strain-softening SILT model (Adv.Dyn); Simulation of sheet pile wall and anchors; Updated Lagrangian analysis; Gravity on and off; Free-field lateral stress boundary; Elastic base viscous boundary;   4-node solid elements to represent soils; 2-node line elements to represent sheet pile walls (beam) or anchors (bar/truss); Use of any consistent units and sign conventions

VERSAT-2D Documentation

VERSAT-2D Academic & Commercial Information

VERSAT-2D v.2019.10 (new) - OPEN standalone version (max. 1500 elements ) free for everyone  

VERSAT-S2D For Static Analysis

  • Price for a single commercial license: US$350 each calendar year.
  • To request an academic or commercial version of VERSAT-S2D, send e-mail (*) to

VERSAT-2D For Static and Dynamic Analyses

  • Price for a single-site commercial use license: US$1750 for 1 year; US$3300 for 2 years; US$7500 for 5 years.
  • To request  VERSAT-2D package, fill the Order Form, or send e-mail (*) to

VERSAT-1D For 1D Site Response Dynamic Analyses (note: VERSAT-1D is a sub module of VERSAT-2D)

  • Included in VERSAT-2D_OPEN_2019.10. It is a standalone version and free to everyone.

(*) To be qualified, send your request from an organization email address, indicating the organization name and address, your position and the intended use of the program.











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